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Fixtures, Results & Tables

The official page to follow the upcoming matches and results, as they happen.
Barcelona player

Monday 01 April

Aston Villa2 - 0ChelseaView match report

Sunday 31 March

Arsenal1 - 3Sporting Clube de PortugalView match report

Friday 29 March

Aston Villa3 - 1Sporting Clube de PortugalView match report
Chelsea4 - 3ArsenalView match report

Monday 25 March

Arsenal1 - 0PFC CSKAView match report

Wednesday 20 March

Aston Villa1 - 0OlympiacosView match report
Tottenham Hotspur3 - 5Sporting Clube de PortugalView match report

Sunday 17 March

Chelsea4- 1JuventusView match report

Thursday 07 March

Juventus1 - 0RosenborgView match report

Wednesday 06 March

Inter Milan0 - 1ArsenalView match report

Thursday 28 February

Olympiacos2 - 1AnderlechtView match report

Wednesday 27 February

PFC CSKA3 - 0PSV EindhovenView match report

Wednesday 20 February

Sporting Clube de Portugal4 - 0LiverpoolView match report
Barcelona0 - 2ChelseaView match report
Paris St. Germain3 - 4 (PENS)Tottenham HotspurView match report

Tuesday 19 February

Ajax1 - 2Aston VillaView match report

Tuesday 29 January

Ajax3 - 3ChelseaView match report

Tuesday 08 January

Liverpool4 - 1Inter MilanView match report

Wednesday 19 December

Paris St. Germain2 - 2JuventusView match report

Thursday 13 December

Tottenham Hotspur0 - 2AnderlechtView match report

Wednesday 12 December

Chelsea0 - 0AjaxView match report
Olympiacos1 - 0Athletic ClubView match report

Thursday 06 December

Arsenal4 - 2Athletic ClubView match report

Wednesday 05 December

Fenerbahce1 - 2JuventusView match report

Tuesday 04 December

Inter Milan3 - 1RosenborgView match report

Wednesday 28 November

Sporting Clube de Portugal1 - 5Aston VillaView match report
Liverpool3 - 0Borussia DortmundView match report
PSV Eindhoven1 - 0CelticView match report
Paris St. Germain2 - 1Manchester CityView match report
Wolfsburg2 - 3AnderlechtView match report
Athletic Club5 - 0MarseilleView match report

Wednesday 21 November

Barcelona3 - 1Wolfsburg
Borussia Dortmund2 - 2Rosenborg
Sporting Clube de Portugal2 - 1Celtic

Thursday 15 November

Athletic Club0 - 0ArsenalView match report
Olympiacos1 - 1MarseilleView match report

Tuesday 13 November

Liverpool4 - 1RosenborgView match report

Friday 09 November

Rosenborg3 - 0LiverpoolView match report

Thursday 08 November

Manchester City2 - 3JuventusView match report
Chelsea6 - 0MoldeView match report

Wednesday 07 November

Aston Villa2 - 0PSV EindhovenView match report
Paris St. Germain2 - 0FenerbahceView match report
Borussia Dortmund1 - 1Inter MilanView match report
Barcelona1 - 4Tottenham HotspurView match report

Tuesday 06 November

Ajax2 - 1PFC CSKAView match report

Wednesday 31 October

Anderlecht1 - 1Tottenham HotspurView match report
Juventus1 - 1Manchester CityView match report
Molde1 - 1ChelseaView match report
Borussia Dortmund2 - 1LiverpoolView match report
Rosenborg2 - 1Inter MilanView match report

Tuesday 30 October

PFC CSKA2 - 0AjaxView match report

Thursday 25 October

Marseille1 - 0ArsenalView match report

Wednesday 24 October

Sporting Clube de Portugal4 - 2PSV EindhovenView match report
Celtic2 - 2Aston VillaView match report
Fenerbahce0 - 2Paris St. GermainView match report
Tottenham Hotspur2 - 2WolfsburgView match report

Wednesday 17 October

Rosenborg1 - 0Borussia DortmundView match report

Wednesday 10 October

Anderlecht0 - 0BarcelonaView match report

Thursday 04 October

Arsenal0 - 0OlympiacosView match report
Ajax5 - 0MoldeView match report
Fenerbahce1 - 1Manchester CityView match report

Wednesday 03 October

Celtic3 - 1PSV EindhovenView match report
Wolfsburg0 - 5BarcelonaView match report
PFC CSKA0 - 1ChelseaView match report

Wednesday 26 September

Inter Milan1 - 0Borussia DortmundView match report
Marseille0 - 0OlympiacosView match report
PSV Eindhoven1 - 0Sporting Clube de PortugalView match report

Wednesday 19 September

Aston Villa2 - 1CelticView match report
Molde0 - 5AjaxView match report
Juventus2 - 0Paris St. GermainView match report
Inter Milan3 - 2LiverpoolView match report

Thursday 13 September

Manchester City3 - 1FenerbahceView match report
Molde0 - 1PFC CSKAView match report
Tottenham Hotspur0 - 2BarcelonaView match report

Wednesday 12 September

Anderlecht1 - 2WolfsburgView match report
Marseille2 - 1Athletic ClubView match report
Olympiacos2 - 0ArsenalView match report

Thursday 06 September

Celtic1 - 2Sporting Clube de PortugalView match report

Thursday 30 August

Manchester City0 - 2Paris St. GermainView match report

Wednesday 29 August

Juventus3 - 3FenerbahceView match report
Arsenal3 - 0MarseilleView match report
PSV Eindhoven1 - 0Aston VillaView match report

Tuesday 28 August

Athletic Club4 - 0OlympiacosView match report
Chelsea1 - 2PFC CSKAView match report

Wednesday 22 August

Wolfsburg2 - 3Tottenham HotspurView match report

Wednesday 15 August

Aston Villa1 - 3Sporting Clube de PortugalView match report
Barcelona1 - 1AnderlechtView match report
PFC CSKA2 - 1MoldeView match report

Group 1

Tottenham Hotspur6222101008

Group 2

Paris St. Germain6411105513
Manchester City613298+15

Group 3

PFC CSKA642085312

Group 4

Sporting Clube de Portugal64201211112
Aston Villa6321128410
PSV Eindhoven633069-39

Group 5

Inter Milan63211010010
Borussia Dortmund613259-45

Group 6

Athletic Club623112757