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Match Report

Aston Villa vs Celtic
Aston Villa FCvsPSV Eindhoven
Aston VillaPSV Eindhoven

Burke 19'

Drennan 83'

Venue:  Date: 07 Nov 2012, 19.00 LOCAL time

Aston Villa:

Line up: Hill, Barton, Bateman, Lyden, Devine (c), Watkins-Clark, Graham, Carruthers, Drennan, Burke, Greamish

Subs: Ward, Melvin, Crowley O'Brien, Toner, Calder, Zazrivev

Coach: Tony McAndrew


PSV Eindhoven:

Line up: Bertrams, Brenet, Mennokoch, Hendrik, Heesakters, Horsten, Van Overbeek, Mahmoed, Alberto, Vloet, Vakkali

Subs: Blerken, Bdewijs, Noor, Leemans, Verrivs, Jakobsen, Samoh

Coach: Phillip Cocu