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Match Report

CSKA vs Chelsea

Venue: Aldershot Date: 12 Dec 2012, 19.15 LOCAL time


Line up: Blackman, Dabo, Pappoe (65), Davey, Ake, Christensen, Mitchell (46), Loftus-Cheek, Feruz, Boga, Baker (77)

Subs: Swift, Beeney, Houghton, Hunte (46), Wright, Conray (65), Colkett (77)

Coach: Dermot Drummy



Line up: Van der Hart, Tete, Gravenberch, Kuipels, Schenk, Sporkslede, De Sa, Van den Boomen (79), Menig (60), D. Anderson, L. Anderson

Subs: Leeuwerburgh, Sinan Keskin, Rosheuvel, Becker, Bitter, De Bondt (60), Noordhoff (79)

Coach: Alfons Groenendijk