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Match Report

Inter vs Liverpool
vsLiverpool FC
Borussia DortmundLiverpool

Nothnagel 30' (p)

Bandowski 77'

Coady 64'

Venue:  Date: 31 Oct 2012, 19.00 LOCAL time

Borussia Dortmund:

Line up: Wilmes, Knystock, Deelen, Zeugner, Nothnagel, Deichmann, Bandowski, Benkarit, Dudziak, Dytko, Langesberg

Subs: Bohmer, Borgelt, Beutler, Greshake, Aydincan, Bauman, Stienmann

Coach: Sascha Eickel



Line up: Belford, McLaughlin, Smith, Sama, Jones, Coady, Ibe, Pelosi, Morgan, Adorjan, Gainford

Subs: Baio, Fulton, Lussey, Heaton, Tricket-Smith, Petersson, Sinclair,

Coach: Rodolfo Borrell