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Match Report

Molde FKvs

Aboubacar 60'

Ssewankambo 87'

Venue: Aker Stadion Date: 31 Oct 2012, 19.00 LOCAL time


Line up: Opheim, Johansen, Odegard, Furu, Rindaroy, Valstrand (45), Wenaas (45), Vagen, Brenden, Hollingen (82), Aboubacar (91),

Subs: Outzen (45), Hittet, Pettersen, Ranvik (45), Gregersen (82), Okout Obiech (91), Beinset

Coach: Odd Berg

Cards: Rindaroy 70', Furu 84', Johansen 86'


Line up: Blackman, Dabo, Davey, Conroy, Nditi, Swift (53), Baicer, Loftus-Cheek (53), Feruz (62), Boga, Bamford (62)

Subs: Ssewankambo (53), Beeney, Mitchfu (53), Kiwomya (62), Hunte (62)

Coach: Dermot Drummy

Cards: Davey 68', Hunte 71', Baicer 86'