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Match Report

vsRosenborg FC

Beltrame 29'

Venue: Alessandria Date: 07 Mar 2013, 20.30 LOCAL time


Line up: Branescu, Untersee, Rugani, Cavion, Magnusson, Lauraen, Ruggiero (75), Kabashi, Padovan (75), Beltrame (90), Gerbaudo (90)

Subs: Gagliarni, Garcia (90), Tavanti (75), Bertinetti (75), Lanini (90), Bonatini, Ceria

Coach: Cerutti Luciano

Cards: Padovan 39', Magnusson 65'



Line up: Storevik, Strand, Bjornstad, Togstad, Halstensen (77), Midtsjo, Bernsten, Selnes, Feirud, Sorloth (46), Bjornholm

Subs: Fjaer, Moen- Rygh, Lund, Gamwanya, Foosens (46), Hartmaan, Haarberg (77)

Coach: Stale Stensaas

Cards: Midtsjo 26', Selnes 39'

Reds: Midsjo 93' (2nd yellow)