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You can find all information about tournament rules and regulations on this page.
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Tournament Rules

NextGen Series Tournament 2012/13 Rules & Regulations


1. Tournament Organiser


Name and address of the organiser or organising club;

Cycad Enterprises LLP

Unit 530 Highgate Studios, Highgate Road

Kentish Town,

London, NW5 1TL


Name of contact person:

Mr Mark Warburton


2. Date and Venue(s) of the Tournament


The tournament qualifying stages will take place from August 15th 2012 to January 15th 2013 at participating clubs Reserve stadia, training grounds or main stadium.


The individual fixture dates are to be agreed between the clubs in the respective qualifying groups and in conjunction with Cycad. The NGT fixtures are designed to complement and not complicate domestic and International team (U19) commitments.


All dates must be agreed at least 4 weeks in advance.


The ensuing knock out stages of the Tournament will take place between Jan 15th 2013 and April 15th 2013, with dates agreed with the clubs which again do not overly complicate domestic or International team commitments. This will include the Finals event with specific venue/s to be confirmed before January 1st 2013.


3. Participating Teams


The club delegation consists of a maximum 24 participants (players, coaches, officials, etc). Each squad will consist of 18 players and 6 staff. Clubs do not have to name one squad for the entire tournament, but rather can name a squad for each qualifying fixture. Clubs progressing to the Finals event must name one travelling party.


The following teams have been invited and will take part:



Name of the club:

National association:

Liverpool FC

English Football Association

Manchester City

English Football Association

Tottenham Hotspur

English Football Association

Chelsea FC

English Football Association

Arsenal FC

English Football Association

 Aston Villa

English Football Association


KNVB/ Dutch FA

PSV Eindhoven

KNVB / Dutch FA

Sporting Lisbon

Portuguese Football Federation

 Celtic FC

Scottish Football Association


German Football Association

Borussia Dortmund

German Football Association


Norwegian Football Association


Norwegian Football Association

Inter Milan

Italian Football Federation


Italian Football Federation

FC Barcelona

Spanish Football Federation

Athletic Bilbao

Spanish Football Federation

Fenerbahce SK

Turkish Football Federation


Greek Football Federation


Belgian Football Association

Olympique Marseille

French Football Federation

Paris St. Germain

French Football Federation

CSKA Moscow

Russian Football Federation


Only teams which are affiliated to a recognised national association are eligible to take part in the tournament. A player can play only for one team in each specific Tournament.


4. Rules


All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Game as laid down by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) (current edition), unless specified otherwise in the present regulations.


The number of starting players per team, including the goalkeeper, is limited to 11 players.


All pitches, either training ground/Reserve stadia or main stadiums conform to the dimensions specified by the Governing Body and are currently in use for official matches recognised by the relevant Football Association.


Other rules :


With the focus very much on young player education and development, the organising committee will seek to allow, but not dictate, the inclusion in each squad of 2 trial players.


Such players must adhere to the strict age criteria and have signed official documentation for the respective club.


Please refer to Section 7 for more information relating to eligibility of players.


5.   Tournament Committee


Cycad has set up a Tournament Committee, which shall be responsible for all sporting arrangements in connection with the tournament, as well as for any disputes, protests, complaints or unforeseen circumstances.


 This Committee shall be composed of the following persons:




First name:

Club to which the person belongs:




Previously Academy Manager at Watford FC, currently Sporting Director at Brentford FC. Fully qualified UEFA A Licence Coach. UEFA Match Agent





Head of Professional Game Referees Board


Vice- Chairman



Head of the English PFCA ( Professional Football Coaches Association) and member of the LMA ( League Managers Association) UEFA/FIFA Match Agent





Employed by Organising company to ensure adherence to all legal requirements


Legal Counsel



Previously Director of Business Development at Ajax of Amsterdam. Now acting CEO of Cycad Sports




6.i- Referees


All matches shall be under the charge of referees affiliated to the relevant Governing Body. The host clubs will seek permission in the normal manner from their home association. All travelling clubs will likewise seek permission to travel and compete overseas against a European club. For those clubs who qualify for the Finals event, permission will be sought from the relevant home Association to travel to the specific territory/ region.


 All officials will be allocated by the relevant home Association.


The appointment, education and training of match officials lies in the sole competence and responsibility of the UEFA Member Association on whose territory the match in question is played. The payment of allocated officials is as per normal instruction of the said UEFA member association.   


The referee shall be responsible for notifying the Tournament Committee of the result of each game.


Official Match Sheets outlining any disciplinary matters shall be provided by the Referee for both teams and the relevant Governing Association/Federation.


Please note the following additional points with regard to the Tournament allocation of Match Officials:



6.ii- Referees


The allocated Match Referee must meet the following minimum requirements:


1.    They shall have passed the FIFA Fitness Test specific to each Referee category.

2.    They shall have passed an annual medical examination testifying to their ability to referee. In the event of unavailability or medical problems that could affect their refereeing career, the Referees must inform their Member Association immediately.

3.    They shall have passed a test on their technical knowledge of the Laws of the Game.


Behaviour at match venue:


1.    Match Officials must act professionally at all times during their stay at the venue.

2.    They should avoid being over-friendly with players and officials of teams. Irrespective of any existing friendship/s, social contact should be minimal with match officials always aware of how such contact might be perceived by onlookers.

3.    Match Officials are reminded that will need to officiate the players during the fixture and must always portray a neutral and professional image.

4.    Activities such as being photographed with players, asking for shirts or autographs and excessive purchases of club souvenirs should be avoided.





Please note that for each fixture, the appointed match officials are responsible for applying the Laws of the Game as issued by the IFAB Board.




The Match Officials will be paid at the rates determined by their relevant home Association.


The payment of match fees and expenses lies in the sole competence and responsibility of the home member Federation in association with the home member club involved in the specific fixture.




Prior to the commencement of the game at which he/she has been appointed to officiate the Referee shall;-


·         Together with other match officials, arrive at the ground not less than ninety minutes before the advertised time of kick off

·         Decide on the fitness of the field of play for the playing of the match.

·         If the referee considers it to be unfit, it is agreed that an Artificial surface alternative will be made available, where possible, in order for the game to be completed . Should the referee be unable to secure a suitable match pitch, the game will be declared a goalless draw and one point awarded to each team.

·         If the referee considers it to be necessary, instruct that the field of play be re-marked

·         Receive the team sheets of the participating clubs no later than one hour before kick off

·         Permit the amendment of the team sheet if a Player is injured

·         Check and approve any football to be used in the league match

·         Ensure that the home club has made a coloured ball available

·         Wear a Match Uniform that does not clash with the two competing clubs

·         Rule on the suitability of team colours.

·         Ensure that the uniform worn by the ‘ball retrievers’ or Steward does not clash with the strip worn by either participating teams

·         The position of the Assistant Referees is determined by the Laws of Association Football

·         Ensure that the substitution cards for both ‘Home’ and ‘Away’ teams are received.

·         Ensure that each Assistant Referee carries a flag.

·         With the Assistant Referees lead the participating teams onto the field of play 5 minutes before kick off.





·         Players and officials shall comply with any lawful instruction given to them by a match official officiating in the competition.




The Referee shall send the team sheets to and make the following reports by email to the Committee and clubs within 48 hours of the conclusion of the match


·         On the late arrival at the ground of any Match Official with reasons

·         On the condition of the Field of Play

·         On the circumstances of the kick off been delayed

·         On either team commencing the match with less than a full complement of Players

·         On any change of strip that may have been ordered

·         On any player cautioned or Sent Off

·         On either Assistant Referee taking over as Referee


The referee will in addition notify the relevant Governing Association of any disciplinary matters arising from the fixture.


7. Age Category


All eligible players for this year’s Tournament shall belong to the following age category:


Each match-day squad will consist of a maximum 18 players. All players must be born on or after January 1st 1994 although 3 players are allowed who are born on or after January 1st 1993. The inclusion of the 3 older players is an ‘option’ for each participating club and not a stipulation.  


To clarify the term ‘eligible’, we confirm that all participating players must be fully registered by the club in question. Such registration will allow the individual player to compete in any official matches or competitions organised by the relevant home Association or Federation.


The age eligibility of all players will be checked and confirmed by the organisers via the production by each club of the relevant passport information. Such checks will take place upon the arrival of the players at the team hotel.


It is the club responsibility to ensure all required player registrations/certifications have been appropriately signed and lodged.


The Organising Committee will immediately investigate any questions or concerns that may arise regarding the eligibility of a player/s. The fielding of an ineligible player may result in the loss of points for the match concerned.


8. Duration of Matches


The duration of play shall be 45 minutes each way. The half-time interval shall last 15 minutes.

Extra time will not be necessary for any of the qualifying matches although will be used in the knock-out stages and Finals event if required. This would be 15 minutes each way and followed by a penalty shoot out if a decision still not reached.


9. Team Lists and Substitutes


Prior to each fixture, the Tournament Committee shall receive a list from the participating team’s head of delegation, indicating the players’ names, numbers and dates of birth. As stated above, proof of age via passport details, will be required for all participating players.


5 of the 7 substitutes included on the list (incl. goalkeeper) may be used at any time during a match, however each team is only permitted a maximum of 3 stoppages per game to make such substitutions. For clarity, a variety of combinations of substitutes and stoppages may be used. For example, the coach is permitted to have 3 stoppages changing 1 player, followed by 2 more and again followed by 2 more. The coach may decide to utilise 2 stoppages, changing 3 and then 2 players. The coach may decide to utilise 1 stoppage, changing 5 players at the same time. The ruling is therefore defined simply as follows:


‘'Each team will be permitted to use up to 3 stoppages per game, to use a maximum number of 5 substitutes.’


 A player who has been substituted will take no further part in the same match.


10. Tournament Format


The tournament shall be played according to the following format:


The teams will be divided into 6 qualifying groups of 4 teams and play each other on a home and away basis. The top 2 teams in each qualifying group will advance to the Finals stages, along with the 4 teams finishing in third place in their respective groups who have amassed the most points. Should teams finish on equal point totals, the team/s with the superior goal difference will progress. Should the team/s still be equal, the number of goals scored will determine progression to the knock-out stages. Please refer to Section 12 for further clarification.


Eight individual ‘last 16’ knock-out matches will take place, with the team finishing top of their respective qualifying group having home advantage. The additional ‘home’ teams will be the two second placed teams having amassed the most points in qualifying. Again, if still tied, goal difference followed by goals scored will be used to determine home team status. The games will be straight knock-out fixtures, with the result decided by extra time and penalties if so required.


The eight successful teams will progress to the quarter final stages. This will consist of four one-legged knock-out fixtures with home advantage being determined on a draw basis. (As was the case in Year One, teams are happy to play such fixtures in the most appropriate venue.) Results will be determined by extra time and penalties should the scores be level after 90 minutes.


The four successful teams will progress to the Finals stages. Two semi-final matches will determine the teams to compete in the Final game, with the losing teams participating in a 3rd/4th play off fixture. Again, matches will be decided by extra time and penalty kicks if required.


11. Match Schedule


The games will be organised as best possible for each individual team within the respective groups. The organisers will of course take into consideration all domestic commitments and relevant age category International team fixtures. (In this case U19)


12. Points System


The following points system shall apply to the tournament qualifying stages:


3 points for a win / 1 point for a draw / 0 points for a defeat


If two or more teams finish equal on points, the following criteria shall apply to determine their rankings or qualification for the next round:


a)   better goal difference

b)   direct encounter

c)   greater number of goals scored

d)   drawing lots


Please note that in the unlikely event of a match being cancelled due to inclement weather or any other event beyond the control of the host club and event organiser, the game shall be declared a draw with no goals scored. One point shall therefore be awarded to each team.


13. Kit


Each team shall have a first-choice kit, as well as a reserve kit in other colours. The team named second on the match schedule, the away team, shall be required to change its kit if the referee considers that the colours of the two teams are not clearly distinguishable.


The Tournament committee will receive all team colour information prior to the commencement of the event and all participating teams shall be informed of 1st and 2nd choice kits.


14. Disciplinary Matters


Red card - expulsion: a player who is given a straight red card shall be suspended for the following 2 qualifying games. A player given 2 yellow cards and therefore sent off the field of play shall be suspended for the following qualifying game.


Yellow card - official caution: a player who is given two yellow cards during the qualifying process shall be suspended for the next qualifying fixture.  .


If a player is sent off the field or given a yellow card, the Tournament Committee shall be notified by the referee immediately after the match. Such information should be faxed or emailed through to the organisers within 24 hours of the completion of the fixture. The organisers will provide the relevant contact information.


Any player adjudged guilty of unsporting conduct shall be reported to his national football association for the appropriate course of action to be decided upon. Any delegation member who commits an act of gross unsporting misconduct during the tournament shall be reported in writing by the Tournament Committee to the national or international football body which is entitled to act upon the matter.


Please note that any player sent off the field of play and/or adjudged to be guilty of gross unsporting misconduct during the qualifying stages will have a suspension carried over into the first game/s of the knock-out stages/Finals event. The length of suspension will be determined by the Organising Committee after consultation with the local Governing Body/ Association.


Yellow cards awarded during the qualifying fixtures will be cleared off the record for any player whose team make it through to the last 16 teams of the Tournament.


Punishment for yellow and red cards awarded during the knock-out stages will be as for the qualifying stages. A player receiving a straight red card for violent and un-sporting conduct will miss the next two fixtures. A player being sent off the field of play for two yellow cards will miss the next fixture. A player being booked in the last 16 fixture and again in the last 8 fixture will miss the following game. Likewise, a player booked in the quarter final stages and again in the semi- final stages will be ineligible for the Final.


We stress that the appointed match officials are obliged to send a copy of the match report to their member associations if they observe any serious unsporting behaviour or any other severe incident caused by players, coaches, club officials, spectators etc at their specific fixture.


NB. The NextGen Series Tournament focusses on the education and development of elite youth players. Whilst we have no desire to see a young player miss fixtures through suspension, it is vitally important that their education includes adherence to the Rules and Regulations of the game and an appreciation of the conduct becoming of young professional players. As such, the Tournament Committee will respond swiftly and appropriately in all matters relating to player discipline.


15. Protests/Complaints


All protests or complaints shall be made to the Tournament Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding. The Committee will not accept complaints relating to decisions taken by the referee.


16. Approval


The organiser is responsible for liaising with participating clubs regarding all necessary national and/or international approval for the tournament at least 28 days before the start of the event.


17. Match Agent


Two members of the Organising Committee are recognised UEFA Match Agents and hold the necessary accreditation/s.


18. Awards


A trophy shall be awarded to the winning team, with medals presented to 18 players and 6 staff from the two Finalists and the team finishing in third place following the play-off fixture.


19. Insurance


It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that adequate insurance cover is provided for their players.


Host clubs will treat each home fixture as a normal youth team/ Reserve team fixture and any costs will be offset by revenue earned via ticket sales, match programmes, merchandise etc.



The tournament organiser shall take responsibility for the following insurance cover:


Two of the organising committee will hold UEFA Match Agents Licences with Public Liability Insurance.


All of the above will be agreed in writing with each participating club.


20. Costs



The organiser shall assume the following costs:


All Flights and Accommodation for the agreed number of players and staff for the qualifying matches will be covered by the Tournament Organiser.


The organiser agrees to pay a maximum of £200 per trip to cover excess baggage costs. Teams are asked to distribute kit and equipment in a manner that best adheres to airline rules relating to baggage weight allocation/s.


Each host team will cover basic requirements such as coach to and from the airport, liquid refreshment for players, training pitch, post-match meal etc as detailed in the club contracts.


Any additional hotel costs accumulated by the travelling team i.e. phone bills, mini bars, additional meals etc will be paid for by the travelling club.


Any club wishing to take additional staff or players can do so, but the costs must be covered by the relevant club. The organisers can/will make the required bookings but costs will be paid for directly by the club in question.


Each host team will confirm with the organising committee the relevant venue for home matches at least 4 weeks in advance. For matches where spectators are expected, the host team will cover all organisational requirements and keep any revenue earned from said fixture. The organising committee will not seek any form of revenue from the clubs in relation to the qualifying matches.



All of the above details have been agreed with each participating club.


Please note that the organiser will cover the cost of all name changes up until 5 days before the date of flight departure. Thereafter, any costs associated with name changes to the travelling party are to be covered by the club concerned.


21. Further regulations


Each participating club will sign an agreed ‘Club Contract’, the terms of which detail all of the above and cover all aspects relating to media and commercial requirements. In addition, the clubs will abide by the ‘Host Document’ referred to above and which ensures that each travelling team is fully aware of the minimum level of courtesy to be extended by the host club.



Fixture Schedule


Flexibility must be given to the respective clubs within each individual group to ensure that domestic commitments are not negatively impacted. In addition, the International team commitments for this age group, UEFA U19, must we well noted and respected.


The aims of the tournament are to improve the education and development of the young players in a manner which complements the fixtures allocated by their relevant Governing Association. As such, the dates for the individual fixtures will be agreed by the teams in each respective qualifying group and in conjunction with the Tournament Organiser. Such dates cannot be finalised until the teams are officially made aware of their domestic schedules.


NB -: For the individual Football Associations, only the Group/s containing clubs affiliated to them are shown above.


Fixture dates are flexible and liable to change according to specific domestic commitments.

The final fixture details can be found on