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Match Report

ArsenalAthletic Club

Hajrovic 7'

Ansah 67'

Toral 74'

Hayden 79'



Aqueche 12'

Alvarez 83'

Venue: Barnet Stadium Date: 06 Dec 2012, 19.00 LOCAL time


Line up: Charles-Cook, Bellerin, Bihmoutine, Hayden, Angha, Hajrovic, Ansah, Olsson, Akpom, Eisfield, Toral

Subs: Mugabo, Iliev, Jebb, Fagan, Lipman, Ottewill, Jeffrey

Coach: Terry Burton


Athletic Club:

Line up: Arrizabalga, Lecue, Iriondo, Alvarez, Artabe, Undabarrena, Oteo, Lopez, Santamaria, Aqueche, Williams

Subs: Aeuirrezabala, Remiro, Lubrano, Bengoa, Corral, Monteiro, Rahmani

Coach: Aitor Larrazabel