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Match Report

vsFenerbahce SK

Padovan 27', 50'

Lanini 94'

Simsek 38', 75' (p)

Sahat 85'

Venue: Stadio Giuseppe Moccagatta Date: 29 Aug 2012, 20.30 LOCAL time


Line up: Branescu, Untersee, Penna, Schiavone (C), Rugani, Mattiello, Ruggiero, Emmanuello, Padovan, Beltrame, Kabaschi

Subs: Gagliardini, Tavanti, Curti, Braccini, Gerbaudo, Ceria, Lanini


Cards:  Kabaschi


Line up: Ailinay, Taskin, Ruzgar. H, Cinemre, Tesdemir, Matarci, Akar, Gagatay, Venigeri, Simsek (C), Sazdagi

Subs: Ustunbas, Gulsum, Turker, Ruzgar. M, Sahat, Yilmaz

Coach: Alkin. S

Cards: Cinemre, Sahat