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Match Report

071111 Celtic ManCity

Match report coming shortly

Venue: Hyde Date: 30 Aug 2012, 19.00 LOCAL time

Manchester City:

Line up: Lawlor, Drury, Leigh, Evans, Kennedy, Plummer, Lopes (81), Huws (61), Mayfulia, Suarez, Rusnak (81)

Subs: Swan, O'Brien, Glendon (81), Hutton, Henshall (81), Cole, Pozo (61) 

Coach: Attilio Lombardo

Cards: Huws 60'

Paris St. Germain:

Line up: Areola, Conte (45), Kimpembe, Bourdin, Arrondel, Lacazette, Habran, Pereire Desa (66), Rajsel (84), Ongenda, Chemin (45)

Subs: Bambock (66), Fezui, Nkomb Nkomb (45), Coman (45), Magnan, Latour (84), Lambese

Coach: David Bechkoura

Cards: Arrondel 63'